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15 Concurso San Miguel 2024


Jennifer Mariel Velasco, 1st prize,
Monserrat Hernández, 2nd prize,
Alejandro Yépez, 3rd prize,
Carlos Arámbula, 4th prize.

These are the results of Concurso San Miguel XV, held on March 2, 2024 at the Ángela Peralta Theater in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato.

A total of 28 awards were offered to 12 singers, with monetary prizes—from $10,000 pesos to $100,000 pesos—for a total of more than $300,000 pesos in cash prizes; as well as several scholarships for international summer workshops and a national diploma scholarship; direct pass to participate in the semifinal stage of two competitions (one national and one foreign); awards for auditioning and singing abroad; prizes for vocal development classes with outstanding teachers; and scholarships for contractual legal advice as independent artists.

Before the final gala, the finalists participated in an intensive week of lectures and presentations, masterclasses, rehearsals and career advice sessions.

These are the prizes, in detail:

First prize “Maestro John Bills”, $100,000 pesos: Jennifer Mariel Velasco.

Second prize “Amistad Canada”, $75,000 pesos: Monserrat Hernández.

Third prize “México Real”, $50,000 pesos: Alejandro Yépez.

Fourth prize “Bárbara Dobarganes”, $25,000 pesos: Carlos Arámbula.

Pro Opera Audience Award, $20,000 pesos: Jennifer Mariel Velasco.

Ópera San Luis Award, $15,000 pesos: Lucero Quintero.

Encouragement grants, of $10,000 pesos each: Ricardo Ceballos, Rosa Dávila and Paula Malagón.


Banff Center for the Arts Scholarship: Four-week summer program in Banff, Canada, to prepare and sing a role in the Canadian opera Indians on Vacation: Pompeyo Lugo.

Highlands Opera Studio Scholarship: five-week summer program in Haliburton, Canada, to prepare and sing the role of Don Basilio in the summer staging of the opera Il barbiere di Siviglia: Ricardo Ceballos.

Steans Music Institute Scholarship: Three-week program in summer 2024 at the Ravinia Festival in Illinois, for master classes, lessons and recitals: Jennifer Mariel Velasco.

Fundación Arte Contra la Violencia y Ópera de San Miguel Award: two scholarships for a diploma specialized in Mexican opera in 2024: Jennifer Mariel Velasco and Ricardo Ceballos.


Les Jeunes Ambassadeurs Lyriques Award: one-week program in Montreal, Canada, to participate in concerts and auditions with opera directors from various countries, in November 2024: Carlos Arámbula.

Meiningen Awards:

1) Invitation to audition for the Meiningen Theater in Germany, in 2024: Isaac Herrera.

2) A week in Meiningen, Germany, for vocal lessons, rehearsals and auditions in the fall of 2024: Monserrat Hernández.

3) A week in Meiningen, Germany, to participate in the international Sängerwettstreit (“Duel of Singers”) auditions in spring 2025 at Wartburg Castle: Ricardo Ceballos.

Morelli Competition Prize: direct pass to the semi-final phase of the competition in May 2024: Alejandro Yépez.

Maria Callas Competition Prize: direct pass to the semi-final phase of the competition in March 2025: Monserrat Hernández and Alejandro Yépez.

Wendy Nielsen Award: six singing lessons for vocal development: Monserrat Hernández.

Cori Ellison Award: three dramaturgy lessons for: Daniela Cortés and Dulce Guadarrama.

José Velasco Award: Two full scholarships to participate in a Zarzuela Performance Course in Mexico City: Jennifer Mariel Velasco and Alejandro Yépez in 2024.

Iván López Reynoso Award: three sessions with the maestro on how to build an opera character: Lucero Quintero.

The Grupo Árinder Prize: one year of contractual legal advice for the 12 finalists.


Cori Ellison, vocal department, Juilliard School, New York, United States

Jens Neundorff von Enzberg, intendant, Meiningen Theatre, Germany

Wendy Nielsen, professor at the University of Toronto and consultant for the Canadian Opera Company, Canada

José Velasco Guerrero, artistic agent, Madrid and Bogotá


Charles Oppenheim, artistic director, Opera de San Miguel

Mario Alberto Hernández, pianist


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