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Welcome to Opera de San Miguel!

Opera de San Miguel is a non-profit civil association devoted to discovering and stimulating, through grants and professional opportunities, the most talented young opera singers in Mexico.


Each year since 2008 we have organized Concurso San Miguel, a national competition in which all cash prizes awarded are raised privately, through generous donations from the international community of San Miguel de Allende, its residents and sponsorships from several local businesses.

Concurso San Miguel and the various concerts we present during each annual season have made San Miguel de Allende a unique opera center in all of Mexico.


More than 50 Mexican opera singers, winners of Concurso San Miguel —who are embarking on careers in the various theaters throughout Mexico and the world— are living testimony to our mission.

Alvaro Nieto, President of Opera de San Miguel, AC.

We are dedicated to discovering the most talented young Mexican opera singers...

One of the cornerstones of culture 

The Angels of the Opera are the driving force behind the success of Opera de San Miguel and our Concurso...

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"Adored Angels of Opera de San Miguel: you are true Atlanteans who with your generosity and affection create unique opportunities. We are very fortunate in Mexico to have such an incredible community like you.”   

Rodrigo Urrutia

Bass-baritone, 3rd prize, Concurso 2019

Winner of the OSM scholarship to the Barcelona Conservatory  elona

“It has been a real pleasure for me to attend Concurso week and to be able to compete for the Mexican Opera Award. A thousand thanks for the opportunity, for believing in us and for making the Concurso possible. It was truly wonderful and I am still processing it as I believe I lived a dream."

Priscilla Portales

Soprano, special guest, Concurso 2022

Winner of the 2nd prize of the Daniel Catán Award

"I am very happy with the things we were able to achieve, because the vocal improvement scholarship in Atlanta helped me a lot to even out my register and to find other qualities in my voice. I am extremely grateful for all the support that Opera San Miguel has given me so far."  

Tanya Solis

Soprano, finalist, Concurso 2022

Winner of the Alejandra Sandoval vocal improvement scholarship 

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