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As Angels of the Opera, your contribution is vital in helping us at Opera de San Miguel achieve our mission as the only private, non-profit charitable organization in Mexico devoted to identifying and encouraging young opera singers of Mexico through our yearly Concurso San Miguel.


Your donation allows us to offer educational opportunities by providing scholarships, bursaries and other forms of financial assistance to our finalists, as well as several attractive prizes and international programs for the winners of the Concurso San Miguel.


To explore the categories of our Angels of the Opera program





For US Tax deductible checks:


If your check is in US dollars, please make it payable to:


San Miguel Community Foundation

and write F/B/O Opera San Miguel on the memo line.


From the USA, mail envelope to:


San Miguel Community Foundation

220 N. Zapata Hwy. 11-A


Laredo, TX 78043


If you are in SMA, please send your donation to:


La Conexion

San Miguel Community Foundation

Box 403K

Aldama 3, Centro

37700, San Miguel de Allende,



For our Canadian donors 




For details regarding the several procedures available for donations to Opera San Miguel, or write to


To keep track of your contributions, please notify our executive director, Daniela Ahlenius:


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